First in the voivode

We have just received the freshly printed results from the All-Poland Contest of Knowledge of English: "English Ace" - and we are first place in our voivode.

The contest was held in March. Children from 4 th (1521 children from all of Poland) and 5th grades (1503 children) took part in the contest. Our 5th grade student from Butterfly School, Marysia Olechnicka, took first place in the voivode (42nd in all Poland). Our 4th graders, Helenka Kawiorska and Ewa Bohdan both received 1st place for Kujawsko-Pomorskie (51st in the country). Other 4th graders, Zosia Bohdan came in 3rd place, Miłosz Człapiński came 4th place, and Julka Klimczak came in 5th place.