Success in Alfik

Several of our students received strong results in the Humanistic Alfik Contest: three students had results over eighty five percent and received honorary diplomas from the organizers.

The nationwide Humanistic Alfik Contest was held on December 18th, 2014. Over fourteen thousand students from 442 schools took part. Kujawsko-Pomorskie was represented by 466 students, and Butterfly School sent 22 children. Each year was graded separately, and honorable mentions were: Olek Ciechowski i Zosia Hoffmann (both finished 16th in the voivode with 89,17%), Natalka Maksimow (30th place in the voivode with 85 %) all there were under the supervision of Sara Zaganiacz from 3rd grade. Zosia Bohdan was also awarded as a representative for 4th graders reaching a result of 82,5% which gave her 6th place in the voivode.